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About Among Us

Among Us is a social deduction game about completing tasks, deceiving friends, and voting out the Impostor.

You are given one of two roles at the beginning of a game, Crewmate or Impostor.

If you are the crewmate, your job is to complete any tasks on the ship or map you're playing on, report any dead bodies you may find, fix anything that may be causing a crisis, and using your deduction skills to figure out who among you is an Impostor.

If you are the Impostor, your job is to lie, deceive, make it seem impossible for you to have killed someone at that specific location. Do anything necessary to make yourself seem innocent, whether it be putting the blame on somebody else, or ratting out your friend who is also the Impostor.

Speedrunning Among Us

For the speedrun, we use the Freeplay mode of the game. It lets you load into any map and select any tasks you may want, this is how we do categories such as "All Tasks," "Set Tasks," and "Default Tasks." Other categories may involve you going into a lobby with some of your speedrunner friends and completing tasks together.

While it may seem like a boring speedrun at first, you must have some of the best movement control of the game's best players to complete your set of tasks with a good time.

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