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About Anemoiapolis

"You have fallen into a strange and haunted underground neighborhood. Discover its origins and escape with your life - and sanity - intact.

Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 is a short atmospheric terror game about liminal spaces. Have you ever been in an empty mall, or a school at night? This game attempts to recreate that experience. "

This summary of the game is from the developer. The rest of the summary, as well as the game itself for purchase, can be found here on its page:

Speedrunning Anemoiapolis

Anemoiapolis contains sections of gameplay that revolve around procedural generation. Being based off of liminal spaces, sections such as Lazy River and Lockers will generate rooms as you progress through them, giving the illusion of an infinite looping area until an exit is found. Apart from the procedural generation, this game has some interesting ways to save time, either by sliding across the ground to save frames or jumping through pools to skip puzzles altogether.

This game is very new and still in beta, so ideas revolving around the fastest ways to generate exits, as well as improvements to routes in the non-rng sections as well, are still being thrown around.

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