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First-Person Shooter
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About Beyond Sunset

Beyond Sunset is an all-new first-person RPG featuring high-octane action, graphics inspired by classic DOS games and an original story in a highly-developed game world.

Speedrunning Beyond Sunset

Speeding through a cyberpunk dystopia sounds pretty neat in concept, and it's ridiculously fun to do in Beyond Sunset. Now, your goal is to speed through it as FAST AS POSSIBLE. Beyond Sunset is built in the GZDoom engine which is ripe with sequence breaks, tricks, and otherwise interesting bugs that allow you to break the game and get to the very end as fast as you can. Beyond Sunset is full of varied enemy types with the goal of fast and rapid movement and adaptation to those enemies. Using the knowledge of how to move blisteringly fast will aid you in your goal to get to the end as fast as possible.

NOTE: Beyond Sunset is made in GZDoom but does NOT support in-engine demo files. Please upload video clips of your runs.

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