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About Claw

Claw is a 2D side-scroller platform video game published by Monolith Productions in 1997 about an anthropomorphic pirate cat who sets on a quest to find an ancient amulet. The game is a left-to-right side-scroller. You navigate the titular character, Claw, through a series of tricky levels, fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting treasure and powerups. The object of the game is to obtain the amulet of nine lives, as well as nine gems for it. Gems can be obtained by fighting bosses, and you will also need map pieces to find the location of additional levels. The game contains 14 single player levels, which can also be used for multiplayer. There is a level editor available.

Speedrunning Claw

Easy to get into, hard to master. Since 2005, Claw speedruns feature fast-paced action and precise platforming along each of the 14 levels. High-level play features prominent use of the double-jump trick and its many variations, each of them being frame-perfect. Any level of speedrun can be done with either Keyboard or Controller controls.

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