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About Marble It Up!

Marble It Up! is a physics-based 3D marble platformer, spiritual successor to the Marble Blast series, and the best Roll-Playing Game of 2018.

You take control of a marble, be it a White Tiger, Cat's Eye, Hamburger, and so on, rolling, jumping, and gliding through 60 diverse and abstract courses using precise and snappy controls, as well as Weekly Challenges that put unique spins on the regular physics formula, and over 700 community-created levels on the Steam Workshop.

Speedrunning Marble It Up!

This game's runs are played mostly as intended. Advanced techniques like Coyote Time abuse, natural bounces, vector manipulation, and some optimized menu navigations are tertiary to learning the true fundamentals of how the marble moves.

Acceleration, friction, collisions, and spin control are all used in harmony, which, when combined with tight lines, precise inputs, and crafty pathfinding on each level in the game, results in deep, fine-tuned, nuanced movement that will never be truly mastered.

Runs of the Full Game category are timed externally, tracked on, and proven with livestreams or local recordings, while Individual Level runs use the in-game timer, are tracked on the official leaderboards, and proven with built-in replays.

If you have any questions outside of the scope of the Academy, feel free to ask on the public Discord server, where a tight-knit community will be eager to teach you the Way of the Marble. Welcome to Marble It Up!

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