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Stranded Isle

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About Stranded Isle

Stranded Isle, also known as P.Craft or P.Craft Deluxe, is a PICO-8 game inspired by Minicraft and developed by NuSan in 2016, with the final version releasing in 2017. You spawn on a random island, gather materials, and kill zombies in preparation to leave the island by building a boat. You can also kill the Great Eel boss to get a better ending.

Speedrunning Stranded Isle

The speedrun is easily explained with just "RNG." Every drop in the game is random, and varies depending on the material, ex. stone and trees drop anywhere from 2-4 of their resource, while zombies drop anywhere from 0-2 of theirs. The stamina bar is also quite important, as you have to wait for it to fill before doing things like mining gem ore. It's a pretty easy run to learn, but mastering it and grinding it is another story.

If RNG is something you hate, then try "Dream%," which uses a version of the game with most drops altered to be max every time. Zombie spawns and seeds are still random, but it's certainly less RNG. The route doesn't change, either.

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